Flower Images

Growing beautiful blooming flowers! Right on your desktop. We have many images of flowers in bloom available, including Moss Roses, African Iris, Fortnight Lily, Buttercups and many more. Use these for your computer wallpaper or graphics on your website. Please link back to us!

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Resolutions - We have an extensive selection of nature wallpapers and resolutions (800x600 to 1920x1200 for most images as well as iPhone, Twitter Skins and iPad) - all available for free!
Help - All photos are original nature photography, for use on PC and Mac as computer backgrounds or screensavers. If you need help downloading and using our images, please see our Help page for desktop configuration tips.
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Nature Images - Free Graphics

We encourage you to use our nature images for your own website or blog as graphics or banner image. The images on this site are a wonderful resource for the graphic artists, web designers, teachers and students. They are free of charge, though they are copyrighted (© wwwFree-NatureWallpaper.com) and may not be claimed as your own. We only ask that you give credit for the photo you use and link back to the category page of the image you use. Just highlight and copy the address above in your browser, using the subject in your link text. For example: If you are using one of our flower images, please use the word "flower" in your text link.